VJ tool

December 2017
Giulio Barbero

“Any repeating natural pattern can be created by the interaction of two things – molecules, cells, whatever – with particular characteristics. By ‘reaction–diffusion’, these two components can spontaneously self-organise into spots, stripes, rings, swirls or dappled blobs.” — Kat Arney, “How the zebra got its stripes, with Alan Turing”, TED

The Vj-ing tool displays generated natural patterns that react to music and you, the VJ. With your interference, it translates parameters of music such as tempo and volume into rules that let your video behave in a way nature would. There are multiple scenarios that you can combine in your own chemical mix.

All visuals are based on and natural processes and mathematical rules that occur in nature. Physics are each applied to one substance. All visuals have a different behaviour and therefore a different visual outcome. All visuals have 3 levels of intensity that have a slightly altered behaviour based on the same principle.