The Process of Evolution

June 2015
Munken White 100 gsm, ColorCopy blue 200 gsm
16 x 24 cm
Gábor Kerekes

The book ‘The Process of Evolution’ has been written and curated to present the concept of programmed evolution, whose principles derived from biology. It gathers the research that Gábor Kerekes and me have been doing for the coding project Evolution of Shapes, in which we are researching principles of evolution.

We were wondering why this process could only be applicable to living organisms. It is inevitable to assume that the terminology of evolution was defined before the development of digital media and therewith the ability of man to simulate digitally. Taking that into consideration, the term might not fit the cadre of perception that man has nowadays and seems to be somewhat outdated. Is evolution the way we know it properly defined? With this project, we aimed to explore how the theory of evolution could be mutated further.