The Conditions of Privacy

June 2015
Crypto Design Challenge
MOTI, Breda

In the past two decades, internet has become a massive medium of communication and a platform of information. To help us to find our way online services were founded, such as search engines and communication platforms. Nowadays, many of us use them daily, to watch videos, to see where we should go when traveling or to contact our friends. Most of us couldn’t realize living without these services. We are online right after waking up and just before going to sleep. We can be when sitting comfortably in our bed in pyjamas, or even on the toilet; whenever and wherever we want to. All of us online, for free.

But we are missing some important details, that seems to be designed to miss. They can be found in documents that go under names as Terms and Conditions , Privacy Policy, Terms of Service etc. Have you ever read all of the terms and conditions of the services you use? Probably not. Or even a single one? The text is too long, with too many insignificant details in them. On top of that, the type of language used in these texts often is a juridical jargon that even lawyers are afraid of. Besides, sometimes half of the text is hidden in hyperlinks to another page, making the texts even longer and unstructured. Yes, these texts were designed to skip over, to want you to click on “I Agree” in order get rid of them. The fact that using internet services is not free, is written in there.

The Conditions of Privacy browser extension searches through the text for you and highlights the parts you need to read, so you can always know quickly what you are committing to while browsing.