Speaking Across Time

September 2019

The storage of long-lived radioactive waste is among one of the biggest challenges of our generation. Radioactive fuel stored deep in the ground remains a danger for up to 100,000 years, or 3,000 generations. This opens up an inhuman perspective — how do we communicate into deep time not to dig into the geological layer where the waste is stored? How do we take responsibility for a future that is as unknown as it is unknowable?

One way might be to mark the territories in particular ways in order to warn or communicate the danger. Your assignment in this IST is to design a functioning repository marker. You can decide whether you want it to mark an actual repository site, or to make a critical contribution to the debate and sabotage the very idea of geological disposal. In the IST, you will be given an overview of historical and contemporary (artistic) marking strategies and the problems they address.

For this course, I designed the poster and flyer as well as animations.