Platform as Habitat

June 2016
Biotop, Silk
20 x 28 cm
Graphic Design Department Award 2018
Graduation Festival KABK, 2016

Choose anything. Your fridge. Your bed. Your egg tray. Your toilet seat. Your washing machine, car, socks, or toothbrush. In 2016, versions of all those products are connected to the internet. Analyzing these objects, it seems that many embody a crave for technology and gadgets in a society that reaches a point of absurdity. Often game-design principles transform their function into a game. Where lies the border of absurdity of connected objects and how they are perceived? How can the interaction with an everyday product be illogical because of its internet abilities? In “Platform as Habitat”, Vera van de Seyp explores these questions through interactive and printed media.

“The project “Platform as Habitat” consists of two parts, a current inventory of technologies for the Internet of Things and a speculative catalogue of fictional computing devices. By comparing the two elements it becomes apparent that the boundaries between these stages are blurry and not yet identified. Congratulations to Vera van de Seyp for this exceptional project! This student received the department award also due to a four year long outstanding study trajectory.”