December 2019
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FAULT LINES is an annual symposium at the KABK, The Hague, organised by Alice Twemlow, who leads the Design Lectorate amongst other great things. As part of KABK’s commitment to building a research culture, it supports two Research Groups, in which tutors spend a year developing research projects through and by means of, or adjacent to, their art and design practices. This symposium is organised around some of the shared thematic urgencies that drive these projects and connect them to aspects of contemporary discourses. These include the pressing need to: decolonize and repair the archive with new voices and counter narratives; foreground the moving, lived body and embodied knowledge; reconstitute the (art) institution as a space of consent and performativity; and critique our increasingly operationalised image world.

I did the visual identity of the project, amongst which the small posters shown here. They were printed on black paper with a layer of white and CMYK ink.