Also Known As_
Also Known As is an artist run gallery, composed of Anne Kranenborg, Koos Breen, Adrianus Kundert and Fabian Bredt, proposing a radical view on a domestic environment.
A selection of works are gathered to create an artificial atmosphere to question aesthetics and perception of materials.
Materials which are produced on an industrial scale are manually adjusted in an artistic manner in order to stretch their original purpose.
A scenery of shaved grass, bouncing polyether, shimmering crystals and a radiating screen.
Curated by
Koos Breen
Salone Del Mobile 2017
Via Pastrengo 13
20159 Milan
Dutch Design Isola
4–8 April
10.30 to 20.00
9 April
10.30 to 17.00
Press preview
Tuesday 4th April 17:00 till 19:00
Thanks to
Stroom Den Haag
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Please contact Koos Breen
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